9/11 10 Years On

Next Sunday will be 10 years to the day of 9/11. Like you I will be observing a minutes silence for the 3000 or so who were murdered in the name of religious idealism. However unlike you, one minute later I will be starting the PARAs 10 mile run in honour of my godson who died whilst fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan on February 9th.

At the time, and throughout Conrad’s short life, I have been totally useless as a godfather. But let’s be honest, both Tony & Sandra knew me long enough before bestowing the honour on me, to know that I didn’t even believe in god.

We have become anaesthetised to war. But believe me when someone you care for is taken by a snipers bullet, you start to ask why. Conrad’s dad bravely summed it up; “If you don’t fight them on their home ground you will end up fighting them here. We would need soldiers on every bus and at the door of every tube station, football stadium and public building”. It would be like living in a military state.

Some say the rioters should be sent to fight in Afghanistan, but they would be about as effective as sending you or me. Untrained, a person would last about 5 minutes in the war zone.

Whilst representing Conrad and standing tall with his father, uncle, cousin and other godparent, I am raising funds for charity in his honour. Please visit my justgiving website and help.