A Milestone Achieved

On Tuesday I am taking part in a bike ride across the Pyrenees. I hope to complete the arduous journey which will take me from the Atlantic Coast to the Mediterranean Coast, over some of the highest mountain passes in Europe. Real Tour de France territory. The total ride distance is over 450 miles and I hope to complete it in four and a half days. In all I will climb over 11,000 metres which is higher than Mount Everest which is a mere 8848 metres in height. I have every chance of failure but never the less I am determined to give it a go. This goal of mine has taken time, energy, pain and determination to just get me to the start. Success won’t be down to my performance over the week, as much as my preparation over a whole year. Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I have just scaled another mountain. Twelve months ago I set out to provide a better investment service for my clients. It has required me to sit further exams (at 50!). It has required an application process of unbelievable proportion, scrutinised in every detail by the Financial Services Authority (the fee charged by the FSA is £2500, without guarantee of success). It has required additional personnel, software and technology. But most of all it has required stubbornness, persistence and patience. It has taken just about a year to achieve. I think you can see the parallels now in the two goals.

From the 14th August I am now fully authorised as a discretionary fund manager. It is recognition that I am seen by the FSA as being a suitable person, within a suitable firm, that together are capable of managing our clients’ investments without requiring them to authorise each and every change beforehand. It will enable us to move much more swiftly then we do now, to try to secure more growth for our clients in the increasingly volatile investment markets. The best part for our clients is I will be offering this additional service (unique as far as I know in the locality) at no additional cost!

I will be contacting each of you soon to describe how the new investment service will improve your future. Provided of course I can still speak at the end of next week.