A quick game of opposites

I say black, you say?… Hopefully you said white.

I say big, you say?… Small is my guess. You remember the children’s game.




I’m sure you are getting this. Get ready.


What is the opposite to risk? If you said no-risk then no points I’m afraid.

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Chip papers

My younger clients won’t remember collecting our fish and chips wrapped in only newspaper. I’m not old but I do feel it sometimes, such has been the increasing pace of food hygiene legislation. I even remember my mushy peas and my gravy soaking right through the paper before I reached home. I hasten to add, I never had gravy on a fish; I’m not a barbarian. Initially a single sheet of greaseproof paper and more recently cellophane got added to hold back the surplus chip fat and later still did the mushy peas and gravy come in separate containers. Plastic forks replaced wooden chip forks, now we need huge landfill sites to dispose of all the food packaging that comes out of the vast array of takeaway meals. But I digress.

recession and brexit

A client has suggested I give my thoughts to a couple of questions he has.

  • Are we all headed into recession and will that cause our investments to reduce further?
  • What’s happening with Brexit? It’s all gone very quiet.
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Chimps and Swans

I’ve read many books over the years, almost all of them have been non-fiction. At times like these, all of those bits of knowledge gleamed from all of those books, hopefully do add up to something of value. Take Dr. Steve’s book for instance.

the chimp paradox – dr. steve peters

I now understand that my head is indeed inhabited by two brains. What comes next depends upon which brain is in control. The chimp brain is more primitive, impulsive, faster and stronger and so leaps to conclusions and can get us into trouble but is essential for our continued survival. Then there is our human brain which is slower, more considered, more considerate and calculating. It looks before it leaps. Often by the time it is ready to take action the chimp has already been in there and potentially broken everything. Dr. Steve has helped countless sportsmen and teams achieve their best by controlling their inner chimp. I couldn’t recommend the book enough. Then there is “The Black Swan”

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May Day

So we are confined to barracks for a further 3 weeks. That will take us to the anniversary of VE Day. Which this year replaces May Day. Unfortunately the planned celebrations to mark the 75th anniversary will not be held. We are now hoping for VC day – victory over coronavirus day, however we can only try to contain viruses, they have been around on this planet for much much longer than man. So some control over this 5th known coronavirus to transfer to man is all we can hope for.

As an aside, just in case we can ever go back to a pub and enjoy a social quiz…..

May Day, May Day, May Day, the distress radio call comes from the french m’aider, which translated in to English is – help me. That makes much more sense now doesn’t it.

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This is going to be a strange Easter.  It’s normally a time of celebration for those with faith, a well-earned break for those of us still working and a period of holiday travel for families everywhere. All the parts that make up Easter are still there but nothing seems to be in the correct order at the moment.

Good Friday will still be here tomorrow but it will feel remarkably like any other current (not) normal day. We will return to work on Tuesday which will look the same as it did over the weekend. For our team the boundary between work and home has gone.

No self-respecting individual will be attending any gatherings. Garden centres will remain shut, no football derbies; beaches and parks all closed. Petrol is unbelievably cheap, but nobody is buying any. Even the DFS sale won’t be ending 5.00pm Bank Holiday Monday!

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