Our new team member

If you have had a review meeting at the office recently you will have already met Charlie.

Her qualifications

A year ago she graduated from Loughborough University in History and International Relations, followed just recently by the completion of a 12 month Graduate Diploma in Law. Both her International Relations degree and her Law degree contained huge sections on the European Union, both of which are particularly relevant to the U.K.’s current economic position.

It has been an intense 4 year period of study and she is ready for a break before she goes on to complete her Legal Practice Certificate and then tries to secure a further 2 year legal training contract. But instead of taking a year out back-packing in South East Asia and Australia, she thought her future C.V. would look better with a year actually working.

I’m sure you will welcome her onboard. We all look forward to working with her throughout the coming year.

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