Covid – 19 Precautions

In line with government recommendations we have elected to commence working away from the office from today.  I’m sure many of you will be doing the same. Please contact us on the usual email addresses, [first name] directly in the first instance if possible, rather than via the telephone until further notice. If you prefer to discuss things over the phone, just ask in your email and we will call you back.

business as usual plan

Our business has been fully cloud based since 2011. It has allowed me personally to work everyday day, irrespective of whether I was in the office or not. I do not see any changes being required to comply with any future home lock-down which could arise. The only real difference will be that the team will be conversing via FaceTime rather than face to face. Our operation can function via either broadband or the mobile telephone network.

We will be calling into the office once a day to pick up any post.

difficult times and difficult decisions

This is exactly the time that my 200 client families will be relying upon our team the most and on me in particular. Lesley and I have been socially distancing ourselves for the past couple of weeks already, as we understand that we have continual responsibility for our clients, our team and our parents. I believe that decision helps to ensure we will remain at full strength through this difficult period. Personally I would prefer to catch this damn virus and get it over with, but the distancing must continue and perhaps social isolation must be considered now.

the virtual office

Apart from no face to face contact, our service will continue unchanged. We will keep you updated through regular group emails and blogs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need anything at all, even if that is just a chat.