Expect the Best


Expect the Best, but Plan for the Worst

If ever there was an up-lifting tune it would be “Always look on the bright side of life” by Monty Python. In fact you can play it at my funeral. I’m not overly morbid usually, but there seems to be a common theme that has developed as our service has become increasingly relied upon. The realisation has occurred to many that at some point I won’t be here anymore. A previous blog explains how I view my retirement. No, I’m talking about my death.

Every day I commit to helping clients with their futures. What happens when I don’t have a future anymore?

The Show Must Go On

I’d like to think that “It’s all about me”, but that isn’t true. We have a team here and I am as committed to their futures as I am to our clients’ futures. I may be the boss, but it’s the team that ensures the promises I make are kept. The show will go on, we have put contingency plans in place.

“He’s Dead Jim!”

So what would the crew of the Starship Enterprise do without their captain? Exactly what the team here would do for you.

I have a few roles here in the business. You could split them into three.

  • Financial Planner. Helping you to plan for the future and minimise your taxation.
  • Investment Manager. Helping you to stay on-course by delivering the investment returns needed for your future.
  • Compliance Manager. You don’t see this part and neither should you if we continue to exceed your expectations. However we have to comply with a myriad of Financial Conduct Authority and Her Majesties Revenue & Customs regulations everyday. And let’s not forget all the European Regulations we have to comply with known as Mifid II. We are constantly monitoring and reporting on our business.

And who would do those jobs if I were no longer here? Well exactly the same individuals who help me to do them all today.

  • Financial Planner. Melissa is a fully qualified Financial Planner. She has been a member of the team for since 2006 and knows you all well. In fact you probably speak to her more often than you speak to me. She ensures ISA allowances are topped up, pension incomes keep within the right tax bands and insurance bond surrenders don’t attract additional tax. She handles all the paperwork that needs completing.
  • Investment Manager. Lucas completed his Investment Management Qualification in just three years. He had no previous industry background which is a considerable bonus. Always understanding we are answerable to our clients not our shareholders. His research background, learned at university is what I draw on virtually everyday. I come up with an idea, then I point and shoot. He then comes back with further ideas. Together we form the investment themes, peer into our crystal balls and successfully avoid all the investment scams thrown at us weekly. He has been with us now since 2011 and holds the required qualifications that an investment manager needs. He is not far from holding the highest anyone can obtain. We continue to build his experience daily.
  • Office Manager. Lesley is a co-director of the business and she is the boss really. Every business needs an organiser, she ensures we can all carry out our individual roles within the business. We do make her job easy though by always doing the right thing by our clients. We can afford to take the long term view.
  • Financial Planner & Compliance Manager. Charlotte is a co-director of the business and shares with me all the regulatory roles that are needed to comply with all UK regulation. Un-believably most financial advisors in the UK can’t do her job. They pay a Network to do their compliance job or completely outsource the job to external compliance professionals. Like Melissa she is also a fully qualified Financial Planner and increasingly is involved with advising clients.

That Said…

I have never felt better.