Flexible Drawdown Rules

Who want’s their pension back?

Hands up if you have a pension and you want to take advantage of the new flexible drawdown rules?

Now keep your hands up if you fully understand your new flexible drawdown pension options?

Thought not.

Pensions are just a waste of time

It had seemed that saving for a lifetime into a pension had been a waste of time. When you reach retirement all you want is your own money back. But it’s not that easy. Endless jargon, a multitude of forms and what seems to be a piffling income. It can all drag you down.

The Pensioners are revolting

The new pension flexi-drawdown rules introduced in the budget have changed all that. We think it is nothing short of a pensions revolution, and it is here and now. With 28 years of experience and a raft of pensions qualifications, it’s time to let us show you what comes next.

  1. Never before could you imagine definitely controlling your entire pension fund.
  2. You want to buy a Lamborghini like the pension’s minister Steve Webb said. It may now be possible 🙂
  3. Income when you want it, not just when it is given to you.
  4. Your pension fund is left to your family if you can’t spend it all
  5. No Inheritance Tax

Your pension just got exciting. But your pension also just became an Income Taxation headache 🙁

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