Have you completed your Self-Assessment?

n. Paralyzing fear, distress, and nervousness caused by the act of entering personal information into a pre-made template. Making simple tasks such as applying for jobs, school, etc. almost impossible for the affected.

I hate filling in forms. That’s why I want to believe there is a phobia. But no, I have checked Wikipedia and it doesn’t exist. I’m just lazy and hate being told what to do and when to do it. I’m not alone, I have never met anyone who likes this annual task. We have to root through the drawers to find all sorts of statements that we have filed back into the envelopes they came in. Then we have to decipher the jargon and hopefully insert gross where it asks for gross and net where it asks for net.

As the UK tax system is one of the most complex in the world, completing the return is not easy. And you have to do it online really which always requires a battle unless you own an iPad.

I have paid to have my tax returns completed for me for over 25 years but I decided this year as I am no longer self employed it was time to do it myself. After all I do hold a level 6 qualification in taxation and trusts. In the end I didn’t have the time but I helped one or two clients with their returns.

So by the time the next years returns are required I will have trained up Lucas to complete them for any clients who would like this doing. I must add they will all be non-business related, taking into account PAYE incomes, annuities, pension drawdown, stocks and shares dividends, bank interest and perhaps the odd rental property. It makes sense to us as we usually are the ones who forward certificates each year to you or your accountants anyway.

If you would like to know more about this service and the cost of it please contact us in plenty of time. Do not leave it until next January. When we look at your personal situation if it looks awfully complicated we have an accountant we can recommend you to also.