How to create the perfect pension

The perfect self-invested personal pension

45 minutes – Serves 1 (possibly 2) – The recipe can be amended to create the perfect drawdown plan or ISA. The recipe is complicated. Better to buy ready-made off the shelf for most occasions.


UK Shares Sourced from the London Stock Exchange.
Overseas Shares Held within UK Authorised unit trusts, OEICS & ETFs{{1}} [[1]] Open ended investment companies & Exchange Traded Funds. Types of authorised funds[[1]]
Corporate Bonds Try to use the simpler, cheaper variety held in Exchange Traded Funds.
Government Gilts Although bland, they balance some of the stronger flavours. Currently the cost of this ingredient is too high for its perceived benefit in the recipe.
UK Commercial Property Currently in season. The cost can become too high for periods and thereafter drop suddenly.
Gold & Precious Metals Stay clear of over processed synthetic gold. Only use the physical stuff and add sparingly.
Flavourings and Additives Try to stay clear. Brazilian Banana Plantations can seem tasty on paper but usually leave a bad taste in the mouth when it is discovered they don’t exist.

Cost of Recipe

Costs can be split into two parts. The Initial purchase costs and the ongoing maintenance costs.
Initial Costs

  • Our expert chef’s cost is usually up to 3% of the ingredients added. Cheaper chefs are available, see Google for details.
  • The Nucleus tin is free as it is supplied by the chef.
  • Ingredients to buy are again free as they are personally selected and provided by the chef.

Annual Costs
Annual rental of the Nucleus tin 0.35%* per year
Ingredients vary but are typically around 0.34%* per year
Chefs Expertise 1.0%* per year
(* percentages quoted are by volume of ingredients only)

  • Take a suitable container. It must be sturdy enough to last for the rest of your life, but cheap to maintain. We have tried many containers in the past but now almost exclusively favour the Nucleus tin. If you need more information about our perfect tins you can find it here.
  • Next you can add the ingredients.   If you want the best results it is important to select carefully.  Always buy wholesale if possible.  Go to where the supermarkets themselves buy.  These ingredients are sold everywhere, but some of the high street outlets charge the earth.  As an indication we can provide the ingredients for free initially and at only 0.2% to 0.4% per annum thereafter.  These same ingredients typically can cost up to 5% initially and at  around 1.2% per annum elsewhere on the high street. Beware home deliveries or buying on-line. Always use reputable outlets who provide advice.
  • Best results are usually achieved by adding many different ingredients.
  • Depending on taste you can flavour with lots of shares if you like things a little spicy.  Add more corporate bonds and gilts if you are prone to an upset stomach and wish to avoid the spicy times.  Commercial Property usually enhances things but on occasion can completely spoil the outcome.  Adding Gold is like adding Marmite – you either love it or hate it.
  • Once all the ingredients are added simmer for at least a decade.  But it is essential that you keep an eye on things.  More dishes are spoiled at this simmering stage than at any other time.  Don’t let things boil over or dry up completely.  Over time some ingredients will fade and others become over-powering.  Adding to the tin over time is normal and is strongly recommended.  It is important to have an expert chef keep an eye on things to ensure your plans don’t get spoiled.

If you don’t have the time to create this dish or constantly monitor it, then seek professional advice.  If you would like a demonstration from our chef then give us a call. Or fill in the request below.

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