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The regulation of financial services has changed

The Financial Conduct Authorities Retail Distribution Review has now been implemented. It is nothing short of a revolution in Financial Services. I wrote a short blog about what it means here.  Now when choosing an adviser you need to see their credentials.

We were ready

In February 2013 we were one of only 50 “lucky” firms who underwent an audit as part of the Financial Conduct Authorities thematic review. After a few tweaks to our paperwork we were given a clean bill of health. The FCA is still unhappy with many firms engagement process.
So to make it easy to choose our firm as your future advisers this is what you will need to know about us.

  • How much will our advice cost?

    The cost of our advice has not changed since 2007 and is detailed in our Client Agreement. In short we will charge a new client up to 3% of the amount invested and then 1% per annum for managing these funds. We believe this is extremely competitive for independent financial advice and planning combined with ongoing investment management.

  • What exactly will we be charging for?

    We offer Independent Advice. We will continue to offer “Independent Advice” and have chosen this much harder route over the easier alternative which is “Restricted Advice”. The new rules create no room for no-mans land, they are black or white; a firm is fully “Independent” or it isn’t. Many firms will use any description but “Restricted” to describe their service such as “best of breed” or “focussed advice”. We are proud to remain Independent and have been since 1997.

  • Our professional standards & qualifications

    All financial professionals will need to subscribe to a code of ethics, carry out at least 30 hours of continuing professional development and hold a level 4 professional qualification. The proof that these standards are adhered to will be demonstrated by the adviser holding a Statement of Professional Standing. You can view Howard’s here. Our qualifications go much further than the basics and are some of the highest available anywhere in the profession. If you need the details you only have to ask. We hold level six qualifications; the difference between level 4 and level 6 is described here. Howard is even a fellow!

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