July 2017 Investment Review

What’s happened over the last three months?

If you had been un-concious for 3 months and upon waking checked the FTSE 100 index, you could be fooled into thinking that only a day of sleep has gone by. The index started the new tax year at 7332 points and finished three months later at 7368 points. The movement equates to just about 0.5% over 90 days. In these volatile days, we have become accustomed to daily movements of well over 1% on a fairly regular basis.

The chart above however tells the whole story. A steep drop, a fairly speedy acceleration, followed by a gradual petering out back to where we started from in the first place.

How have we done over the last quarter?

All clients have had their personal quarterly valuations. But here is how the four model portfolios that we operate have performed over the last quarter and over the last 12 months, where no contributions have been added and no withdrawals have been taken. I have added the FTSE 100 results also for comparison.


3 Months

12 Months

FTSE 100Cautious
Anything notable this quarter

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed a dramatic daily climb in one of our shares. Here is the link to the news about Worldpay if you are interested.

Remarkably in just 7 months we have benefitted from takeover speculation in 2 of the shares we own, Worldpay and Unilever. We have also benefitted in the same period from an actual takeover, Fyffes bananas. I can definitely put these benefits down to good luck rather than good judgement 😀

5 Replies to “July 2017 Investment Review”

  1. “good luck rather than good judgement”
    IMHO I think not. It is our good judgement to ask you to look after Angela and I.
    Well done and thank you.

  2. thanks to you and the team either i am getting brighter or you are making things easier to understand

  3. Cheers, Howard – and as a self-confessed ‘markets, shares and number-phobic’ I actually enjoy and learn from your posts! The explanations in the emails and these blogs make things a whole lot clearer – thank you.

  4. I agree with Richard Calver, it is certainly our good judgement in asking you to look after us. You never ever take your eyes off the markets! Even when you are on holiday, you have your beady eyes on the markets whichever part of the world you are! We are safe in the knowledge that you are making our money work for us, thank you Howard!

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