Lasting Powers of Attorney

Unfortunately, we live in an ageing populating with the diseases of Dementia and Alzheimer’s are becoming more and more common. LPAs can be extremely helpful documents to have, if you, like many others, live to a ripe old age and lose your marbles. 

Creating a LPA can be a very confusing process. Since the change from the old Enduring Powers of Attorney, the new forms have become very long and it can be pretty difficult to understand what the questions are actually asking. 

We can help you create LPAs, by filling in the paperwork for you, and then sending them off to the Office of the Public Guardian once you have signed them. 

If this is something you have considered and decided to do, then please start the process by answering the questions below. We will get in contact with you to arrange a meeting to complete the forms. 

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Your Info

House Name/Number
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You can have a maximum of 4 Attorneys. These are the people whom you choose to manage your affairs if you are no longer able to

Substitute Attorneys

You can choose up to 4 Substitute Attorneys. They will only be chosen to act if your original Attorneys can't