Live like a Billionaire

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how the Apple iPhone was 10 years old and how all our lives have changed over that period. A couple of days ago the latest versions were launched. Now Apple as a company is currently worth over $800 billion, analysts predict the new products will take the valuation above $1 trillion. This year we have made around 40% on our Apple shares.

It got me thinking….
QUESTION: What do we have in common with individuals who are worth billions?

We would think we have very little that we share. But think again. If our definition of a Billionaire is of someone who can own the absolute best of everything, well we probably own some of the exact same things. Here’s what would be on my list.

iPhone – Yes I know there is now iPhone X but it’s not outside of our reach.

Electric Toothbrush – Mine is a Braun Oral B and it is way better than hand brushing and is within everyones price range.

Vacuum Cleaner – The handheld Dyson rechargeable range is a game changer. Small, light, powerful, quick & British.

Automatic Garage Door – With remote control. There are lots of makes, all reliable and for those of us who garage our cars, such a luxury to arrive home to.

Hairdryer – A selection from Lesley. Girls if you don’t own the Dyson hairdryer yet, then give it a try. Your old one will go in the bin. Guys – If you want to make your wife happy every day, buy her one of these for Christmas.

Music Collection – Everyone can listen to any music track these days for just £15 per month.

Film Collection – Within a couple of months of release at the cinema, every film is rentable for £3 or £4 per night.

TV Channels – Everyone receives the same even if you have billions.

Kindle – Whether you travel by private jet or public bus, the chances are you carry your entire collection of books with you and read one of these.

Drugs – I’m mildly asthmatic, my inhaler is standard and universal. I have clients with titanium hips, heart stents, contact lenses. When we reach for a pain killer or an anti-inflammatory we don’t have to compromise due to wealth.

I could go on but I just wanted to make some initial observations.

You see, above a certain level of savings, once you have these major items, you probably own the best that any amount of money could buy. Obviously I probably can’t find a billionaire who actually uses a vacuum cleaner, but I guess they all brush their own teeth and receive their own mobile calls.

Enjoy the weekend. Live like a billionaire! I’m going to visit a UNESCO World Heritage site.

If you get time send me a comment about what you own or what you are going to do this weekend which couldn’t be bettered even if you had a £billion.

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  1. Having a quiet pint with few mates in our newly re-furbished local, beat that Mr Billionaire man!

  2. What about posting images of you using these products on Instagram, to generate some extra sponsor income?

    1. Hi Rory

      Nice idea but difficult to retain my independence if I’m being paid for my recommendations 😀

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