Another exam passed at H.J. Scott & Co.

This year exam passes at H.J. Scott & Co. are like Mo Farah Gold medals… they come in twos.

In July Melissa received confirmation that she had passed her exam meaning she now holds the most advanced pension qualification available in the UK.

Last week Lucas found out that he too had been successful in a written exam that he took way back in June. The Private Client Investment Advice & Management (PCIAM) qualification (I know, catchy title) is awarded for successfully passing a final three hour exam.

The PCIAM is recognised by the Office of Qualifications & Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) as the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI) level 6 Certificate. This qualification is regulated by Ofqual as a level 6 qualification on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) Framework.
What does all that jargon mean? Well a level six qualification is the equivalent of a degree and it’s pretty much the highest investment qualification that can be achieved in the UK. With a little follow up experience he will become a Chartered Wealth Manager at the tender age of only 27.

Here’s confirmation of the merit achieved by Lucas in the summer exams. CISI placed a full page spread in the Financial Times last Thursday, so if you bought a copy that day you may have spotted this…(click to view a larger version)
Lucas CISI

Lucas is real

Some of you might only know Lucas as the footsteps from upstairs, but he’s been with us for 5 years now. He joined us in August 2011. During the past 5 years he has diligently helped me to research investment opportunities that have benefitted each and every one of us. As his experience builds I’m sure that our two heads will become better than one. Next time you are in the office remember to ask to meet him if you haven’t met him already.

Bigger isn’t better

We continue to build strength in depth as witnessed by this years “gold medals”. We may be a small business that offers a very personal service, but much bigger businesses than ours are no better qualified than we are.

We continue to build our knowledge for all of our futures.

Here’s a few things you may not know about Lucas.
  • He has a twin sister.
  • He lives within walking distance of the office.
  • He has owned his car for 3 years and has only done 9,000 miles. After 2 years it was only 4,500 miles but his girlfriend of almost a year lives near Manchester, forcing him to venture outside of Bolton.
  • Unlike Melissa he does drive on motorways.
  • He plays pretty much every sport, but chiefly loves playing Football and Tennis.
  • Having gone to Bolton School he now plays Football for Old Boltonians FC.
  • When I trained for weeks/months to do a half marathon, Lucas bought some new trainers, turned up and finished before me. Twice!
  • Nobody at H.J.Scott & Co has ever seen Lucas have a moody or lose his temper. He’s basically the human version of the smiling emoji… 😀

13 Replies to “Lucas”

  1. Well done to both Melissa and Lucas. Watch out Howard there could be a management buy in on the cards!!!!

  2. Well done Lucas an amazing achievement. You may now join the MAD club. Motivated Ambitious Determined. Regards Eileen and Denis Parkinson.

  3. What an inspiring profile of the footsteps upstairs!
    Congratulations to Lucas, for such a well-balanced life!

  4. Very well done Lucas.Looking forward to meeting you.

  5. Thanks everyone. I shalln’t rest on my laurels, onwards and upwards.

  6. Well done Lucas, it’s very comforting to be with such a motivated group of safe hands. Peter and Jill

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