Meet The Team – Lucas

Tomorrow is Lucas’s 22nd birthday. For those of you who have not been in the office recently, Lucas joined us just over 6 months ago now. When Gill left to take up a part time role with Cowgills, we decided to supplement the team by looking for a very different individual. In order to drive the business into the future we decided that experience working in a traditional independent financial advisers office was probably not an asset, but instead could be viewed as a hinderance. We were looking to redesign our client proposition with a clean sheet.

We decided we needed a graduate who was highly numerate, understood business, an economics background would be highly favourable, but above all, an individual who was open to new ideas. But instead we chose Lucas.

Seriously, Lucas graduated in Business and Economics from the University of Nottingham, and he is a whizz with spreadsheets. He is currently helping us to redevelop our client reporting whilst he learns the ropes. He is interested in Investment and hopes to pass the necessary exams and gain enough experience to help me manage our investment funds in the future. Last week he passed part one of The Investment Management Certificate – not bad from a standing start.

“University taught me how to research thoroughly” says Lucas, “It also taught me to be critical until I have seen the proof source for myself.” In the world of investment where we are constantly being bombarded with too good to be true, get rich quick schemes, I’m sure Lucas will prove to be an asset to the business.


Lucas is now getting on a bit, with his 28th birthday coming this February 2018. He’s been with us for 7 years. Here’s a link to an updated page all about “The Footsteps Upstairs”.