Meet the Team – Melissa

Today was a great day to be Melissa as she passed a further exam. She has set out to be as qualified as the average UK adviser and is now just one exam pass short of her goal. She has already got her next course book and is ready to start the revising. She has always remained cagey about the date of her exams, so I only know it is likely to be sometime early in the new year.

The exams she has taken have not been a walk-over by any means. Together they are the equivalent of passing the first year of an under-graduate degree. They have been so hard that thousands of advisers have been unable to pass them and will not be able to advise in the new year. It is estimated that 24% of advisers have been unable to pass the exams and may not be able to continue in business from next year.

Its nice for clients to know that all of our team continue to be tested to the highest levels.