“Good morning H.J.Scott & Co. Melissa speaking”

Every client and potential client of H.J.Scott & Co. will have spoken to Melissa. This week Melissa received confirmation that she has passed a further exam. She was already as well qualified as most financial advisers, but now has embarked on being as qualified as the very best.

She now holds the most advanced pension qualification available in the UK. This qualification is amongst the hardest to achieve on an advisers path to becoming Chartered. I’m sure all of our clients will join Lesley and myself in congratulating her.

Melissa joined the team in 2006 as Karen was leaving for her new life in New Zealand. When Melissa joined us we asked her where she saw herself in the future. Her answer was to be the best para-planner in the UK. A para-planner in financial services is a support role, much like the role a para-legal plays within a legal practice. She has already achieved much more than she thought and so has adjusted her personal goals.

Here’s a few things you may not know about Melissa.
  • She is married to Dave.
  • Her family is from South Wales.
  • She is a keen golfer.
  • She supports Sale Sharks.
  • She loves her iMac and says she will leave us if we ever make her use Microsoft Windows again.
  • She loves her new Mini
  • She rarely drinks.
  • She plays ladies rounders in a local league.
  • Her favourite colour is pink.
  • She enjoys cruises.
  • She never drives on a motorway.

31 Replies to “Melissa”

  1. Well done Melissa on passing your exam. Now you have got a bit of time on your hands, how about putting in for the advanced driving test for driving on motorways!!!

  2. Well done Melissa. What an achievement . And thank you for all your help. X

  3. Hi Melissa,congratulations on your latest exam pass??Nice to know you are a keen golfer too??maybe in the near future we can get a game in,hopefully no motorways en route to the course?Keep up the good work,

  4. Congratulations Melissa See you at the Sharks, didn’t know you had such good taste!

  5. Congratulations Melissa – very well done! Maybe see you at Sale Sharks in the new season.

  6. Congratulations Melissa Sue and I are so pleased for you. Howard and Lesley are lucky to have such a safe pair of hands

  7. Congrats Mellisa, the best just keeps on getting better.
    Regards, IanB

  8. Congrats Mellisa. Loyal to Howard and Lesley all the way. Much deserved.Pete and Janet.

  9. Well done Melissa. I guess you now get the key to the Exec wash room!!
    Dick & Angie

  10. Melissa congratulations on your result, that golfing handicap heading in the same direction ?
    Keep up the excellent work, and thank you for the support you give to us all.

  11. Congratulations Melissa, thank you for all your help, I would be lost without your assistance, you are a credit to H J Scott.


  12. Congratulations Melissa! I’m sure it’s very well deserved.

  13. Well done Melissa. You deserve a rise. But spend it it on motorway driving lessons!

  14. Congratulations Melissa very well done, really excellent news.

  15. Hi Melissa

    You have worked very hard, congratulations on your success

    Best wishes


  16. So clever of you! Take the day off, pamper yourself and have some time for you.

  17. Delighted with your achievements. If Wigan carry on playing as they did against St Helens we could be tempted to join you at Sale seeing you have signed one of our best players. Sincerest regards. Alan & Mary

  18. Well done Melissa,

    If I catch you next time you’re passing on a ‘power walk’ I’ll be sure to congratulate you in person with a cuppa!

  19. That’s great Melissa,well done. Peter and Jill

    Hope the golf is progressing well, just keep your head still and turn your shoulders and you will burn up the golf course!

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