Mortgage Calculator

Retirement freedom starts here

You will find this calculator useful when planning to retire. Why? Because you will probably need to pay off your mortgage first before you can consider retirement. This calculator answers the questions.

  • If I continue to pay the same amount as I pay today, how long before my mortgage is paid off?
  • How much would I need to pay on a monthly basis to finish off my mortgage in a set number of months?

Within this era of low interest rates, overpaying your mortgage has never been more effective.

The small print

Obviously today’s low interest rates won’t last forever. The fact they have been this low since 2009 is no indicator that they will remain this low in the future.

  • Remember once you have overpaid your mortgage, your lender will not just give you that over-payment back if you ask for it.
  • Always ensure you will have sufficient short term savings to cover periods where your income could reduce or stop.
  • This calculator is not a substitute for taking financial advice from a professional.
  • We accept no liability for any loss you may suffer, as a consequence of using this calculator.
  • We are not authorised to offer mortgage advice