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After a decade or so, the screen you see when you log in to your accounts on Nucleus are about to change. I have been involved in the way the new screens look and operate, so if there is anything that you don’t like please tell me and I will feed that back to the developers at Nucleus.

More details can be found here. Nucleus Go.

A picture tells a thousand words

I’m hoping that your own personal position springs to life once you can see the last 12 months progress in chart form. Better still you can see your progress over longer periods of time by selecting all dates. Feel free to play around and get used to the new way of looking at things. For now it will be accessed from a different address,, however within a month or so your regular login address will take you there directly and the old client screens will be removed.

Nucleus Go login page
  • Don’t worry, all of your past data will be migrated across to the new screens, nothing will be lost.
  • Of course your existing user name and password will remain the same
Help is at hand

I believe that these enhancements will help us all to get a better picture of our life savings. From now on it will become much easier to pick out the wood from the trees.

We understand that sometimes user names and passwords just don’t do as they should. If you have any issues or queries we are on hand to get you through the teething problems. Simply call Melissa and she will sort things out.

If you can’t login currently or have never registered to login before, now is the perfect time to get that sorted once and for all. Again call Melissa, she’s your girl.

Thank you

Some of you have already been involved with the development of Nucleus Go. I would like to once again take this opportunity to thank everyone for their feedback so far. If anyone would like to see a new feature in the future, then please give me a call. I will continue to be involved with the development of the Nucleus platform, ensuring we the clients remain at the centre of all future Nucleus platform development.

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  1. Go.Nucleus is really good and gives a great graphical illustration of your efforts. A massive recovery this month and getting very close to last years peak. Well done Howard and team and thank you.

    1. Hi Peter

      This graphical view of were we are now is far better than looking at numbers alone. Thank you for your help and encouragement.

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