October 2017 Investment Review

What’s happened over the last three months?

The FTSE 100 climbed only 5 points in total finishing September at 7373.  But just a couple of weeks ago it dropped back to just 7200 again.  If you remember from my July Investment Review, the FTSE 100 started the tax year at 7332.  So in 6 months it is just 40 points up, just over 0.5% in total in half a year!  It’s a good job investors receive dividends too.

How have we done over the last quarter?

All clients are in the process of receiving their personal quarterly valuations. But here is how the four main model portfolios that we operate have performed over the last quarter, the last 6 & 12 months and over the last 3 & 5 years.  The chart is based on no contributions having been added and no withdrawals having been taken.

Chart Notes
Our AIM Portfolio commenced only 3 years ago.
FTSE 100 is the index we hear about each day.
FTSE TR is the Total return index which includes all dividends reinvested. You can see that dividends make a big difference to returns over time.
Neither indices can be invested into directly without charges. Our returns are shown after charges.

Do you have any other news?

Yes we do. Five years ago you entrusted us to manage your life savings on a day to day basis, without us having to inform you every time of our intended actions. Being able to adjust our model portfolios immediately we see the opportunity, should have resulted in better growth for all of us. We are proud to say we continue to do very well indeed across the board for our clients. You can see our results here, simply click on the relevant portfolio.


AIM Portfolio


Aggressive Portfolio


Moderate Portfolio


Cautious Portfolio

Remember past performance isn’t necessarily a guide to the future