Paras 10 Run

Tomorrow is the anniversary of 9/11 and once again I have marked the occasion by running 10 miles over the Paratroopers proving ground. Last year the Sunday run coincided with the actual anniversary of the terrorist atrocity, whereas this year, because of the leap year, the run actually took place yesterday. I ran the 10 mile course in 1 hour 28 mins which was a tad under what it took me last year. Lucas beat me by just under 9 minutes. He needs to learn not to beat the boss.
However the most enjoyable part for me was not my run, but it was seeing others take up the challenge and run it for themselves for the first time. Now completing this run is no mean feat for a non-runner. Just having the belief that you could train for this in less than a year takes some determination, never mind the weekly training runs over an extended period. But all who entered the run successfully completed the course.
Last Christmas I asked people to join me on this run. I didn’t tell them they should do it because it would be enjoyable. Instead I just trained and they trained; it hurt me like it hurt them. This was not simply do as I say, it was do as I do. The result was a group of happy individuals all stronger, fitter and leaner than when we started. All of us achieved a goal together which means more than achieving it alone. We all won.
Our business is structured in the same win-win format. I hate American business jargon, but it best describes how we thrive only as our clients thrive. If our clients wither then we will wither. In partnership with our clients, we are both stronger than we are alone. Not many businesses are structured this way because it is dangerous and relies upon long-term commitment.
The run didn’t take 1 hour 28 minutes, it has taken since last Christmas. Who wants to do something great with us next year?