A peaceful nights sleep

We can all be kept awake at night when we feel we don’t have enough money. We do worry. But how much money do we really need? This question becomes especially important;

  • When we are planning to retire.
  • When we are looking to spend some capital in retirement.
  • When we are planning the kids education or helping with their first house purchase.

Will my savings last me the rest of my life?

To decide whether we have reached happy ever after we need to make some assumptions.

  • At what level is inflation likely to be in the future?
  • What can we expect the long term return to be on our life savings?
  • How much are our essential base living costs?
  • Most importantly – What do we want to achieve with the rest of our lives; What do we still dream of doing?
  • And impossible to answer I know; How long will we be around?

Fortunately Financial Planners help their clients answer these questions everyday.  We use cash-flow modelling software to help our clients to glimpse the future.

That sounds complicated, will I understand the software?

We think so. We have tried several models over the years. We even tried to build our own model that we thought better suited our clients circumstances. We found many off the shelf packages seemed too complex to be believed, but we have found one we like and more importantly one our clients like too. It’s called Moneyscope and we believe it will change the way you view your future.

We only have so many trips left around the sun. We need to ensure we do the things we want to do, see the places we want to see and treat the people we want to treat. If you are ready to start your life plan now, click here.

Sleep tight because it’s now time to dream