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Are you currently invested on the most suitable platform?

What does a platform do?

A platform is one of the components that we use in the day to day management of your wealth.

Many different platforms are available. Nucleus and Transact are just two of them.

A platform is simply used to handle the daily administration tasks, such as receiving contributions and paying out income.

As well as holding cash a platform can hold shares and other financial assets that a bank account can’t hold.

A platform has a wide selection of products to choose from such as pensions and ISAs.

Without a platform your financial assets would remain scattered and difficult to manage.

What do we do for you?

We are your financial adviser and discretionary investment manager rolled into one.

Many different financial advisers, financial planners, wealth managers, fund managers and investment managers are available.

A financial adviser suggests a suitable investment product which contains various investments. The investments are not managed by the adviser.

An investment manager doesn’t tend to deal with clients directly, their role is the selection and management of suitable investments.

Most individuals use a financial adviser who in turn selects funds marketed by investment managers.

What we need you to do?

You should get into the habit of logging in to the platform regularly to check the progress of your investments.

Choose appropriate passwords and keep all passwords safe. Never re-use a favourite password

Always read and if required, respond to our regular communications. We prefer email.

Do try to read the blogs on this website regularly. We try to ensure our blogs are not too technical. Often they can help with your understanding of a financial matter.

Always feel free to ask any questions whatsoever.

Cost – Benefit Analysis

The Costs

Let’s purely look at the relative costs first.

  • We will not be charging a fee to help you to migrate between platforms.
  • There is no leaving fee payable to Nucleus.
  • There is no joining fee payable to Transact.

A projected increase in monthly costs could be a deal-breaker, so it is best to take a quick look at the financial implications of a move first.

This form has been created to give you an idea of what your monthly platform fees are currently on the Nucleus platform, along with those you should expect, should you decide to move your life savings to the Transact platform.

Platform Fee Calculator

Platform Monthly Fee Comparison Calculator

Input Your Total (Joint) Savings Here and press ENTER

Transact make a charge per account type. Select the types of accounts to be used. The charge is on the first of the account type, multiple ISAs for example can be held per individual at no additional cost.

Transact make an additional charge for dealing on the platform of 0.05% per transaction. (£50 per £100,000) This amount is rebated if the balance on Transact remains above £200,000.

Benefit Analysis

Tell Me More About the Pros & Cons
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Now we have compared the difference in the cost of the platforms, it’s time to assess the benefits that could be gained, versus those that could be lost.

To begin with let's make it absolutely clear that both Nucleus and Transact are excellent, stable administrative platforms. Nucleus and Transact are both multi-award winning.

Nucleus Drawbacks

Administratively slower to work with than Transact, much in need of some additional hardware investment to add back lost processing speed.

The software is not their own. They have a licence from a firm called Bravura. Development of new features has always been slow. There will be no further software development or fixes now as it's known the Bravura software we be replaced in the near term.

Uncertain service standards as there will probably be personnel changes due to the buy-out of Nucleus by rival platform James Hay.

No opportunity to purchase and hold shares directly, other than those listed on the London Stock Exchange. Overseas shares can be held within funds, which unfortunately carry an additional cost to the investor.

Transact Drawbacks

Transact paperwork is far from slick. The move across will take weeks and can become frustrating. But having been on the platform personally for 6 months now, the wait was worth it.

We are already confident viewing our savings on the Nucleus platform. Time will need to be found to get as confident using the Transact platform. Both offer a similar, simple smartphone view of your accounts.

Nucleus has an award winning past performance report called Narrate. Although Transact has similar reports they are more functional but certainly not as eye-catching.

Share trading occurs just once a day whereas Nucleus aggregates the purchases and sales twice a day. This isn't a major issue as the US markets do not open until after 2:00pm our time, so we couldn't trade in a morning.

The Benefits of switching to Transact

  • OPPORTUNITY: The main reason for the platform switch is to give all of us the opportunity to invest directly in those shares that are not listed on the UK stock markets. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, Bosch, Nestle, Volkswagen etc.
  • STABILITY: Transact is the designer, owner, maintainer and developer of its platform software. It is refreshed every 2 weeks, allowing new developments to be included very quickly.
  • AVOID UNCERTAINTY: As you probably know there is a huge upheaval about to take place at Nucleus as it gets absorbed into a larger UK platform called James Hay.
  • AVOID OPERATIONAL INTERRUPTION: James Hay has committed to re-platform itself and Nucleus in the near term. Mass changes in the platform world seldom go to plan first time.

Areas of potential concern

Switching between platforms can take several months in total. There are many issues.

  • Moving cash is simple, banks do it every day. Moving shares takes more time and more care.
  • ISAs and General Accounts can move electronically. Pensions have more regulations and so much is done manually.
  • Both Nucleus and Transact have many staff still working from home. There are inevitable delays distributing messages and post.
  • If income is being withdrawn at precisely the point the transfer takes place, a regular payment could be delayed or missed. We will try to ensure this doesn't happen.
  • Theres a pandemic/pingdemic going on out there

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