Poorer But Richer

Back in February I wrote about planning and how 2011 was going to be a huge year for me personally. At the end of the year it seems like the right time to tell you how all the planning went. I end the year poorer, but richer.

Yes, I became 50, Lesley endured 25 years of marriage to me and both Lucy & Charlotte did very well in their exams. Lucy is now studying Medicine and Charlotte has started the 6th form with thoughts of studying Law after her A Levels. We celebrated all these monumental events and successes as we holidayed in various parts of the world. In all cases long term savings were exchanged for wonderful memories and educational achievements. The level of savings you hang on to is not a good indicator of the real size of your life.

Other long term goals seemed to become psychologically more pressing too, in the run up to the big “Five O”. From the photo above you can detect in my smile that I obtained my Private Pilots Licence. The course took around a year from start to finish. However that goal really started over 40 years ago. I believe that passing the skills test is the start of an adventure. An adventure that can’t start just yet due to family and work commitments, but I’m glad I chose this year to invest the time and the money.

If I hadn’t started to fly now I would never have met Sue Virr. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have completed my flying goal without her. I am richer for meeting her and also considerably poorer because flying is undoubtably expensive. I wrote on her “Nearly Heaven” blog about my experiences here.

I am also poorer because I lost a great teacher and friend when she recently died unexpectedly. When she was diagnosed of cancer she had just 6 weeks left to live. In a way she leaves everyone she touched with her final lesson; live your life to the full because you never know what is around the corner.