No Risk


What has this assessment done for me?

The assessment you took on [php]
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“;[/php] suggests where your tolerance to short term investment loss would lie on our scale. This assessment should indicate the amount of investment risk that you are willing and able to take.

How has your risk assessment tool classified me?

The answers you have given to our questions would suggest the most suitable classification would be no risk.

Could you describe what this means?

You have no tolerance to investment risk, you should consider paying off any debts that you may have and then building up a reserve in a cash isa, a high interest deposit account or national savings.

Do I receive a copy of the answers I gave to the questions?

Yes, the answers you chose to the eight questions are recorded on the results email which we have forwarded to you.

Does the results email record anything else about the assessment?

Yes it also recorded:
• What you thought the outcome would be prior to taking the assessment.
• Your aims and objectives for this investment.
• The level and type of savings you had in mind when you took the assessment.
• The expected term of this investment.

Do I need to take any action?

No. Unfortunately we cannot recommend you make any investments with us.