Risk Attitude Results

They don’t call Warren Buffet the Sage of Omaha for nothing. He is always clear with his explanations and always bang on the money. In just one line he explains the level of investment risk we should all be taking.

Thank you for taking our Risk Assessment

In the last blog I asked you to complete our online risk assessment.
Oh you haven’t done it for me yet? Please Click here.

Unfortunately I won’t be enrolling for the MSc after all. Firstly I didn’t receive enough completed assessments, only 77 so far, and secondly there was very little to report.

Here’s the feedback

Most participants attitude to investment risk hadn’t budged an inch since their previous assessment. I thought many would become more cautious because of the recent negative media attention given to the global investment markets. However an acceptance of additional investment risk was evident in more assessments than a desire to reduce risk.

I hope those of you who took the time to complete the assessment did learn something about themselves. Financial planning and the understanding of investment risk often doesn’t provide any answers, but the process usually unearths the really difficult questions. Questions we shy away from usually.

Short but Sweet

The next blog will be a report on how our investments have faired over the last quarter. It could be quite an Opus. For that reason I have kept this blog to less than 300 words.

My goal next week is to keep it short and keep it interesting but at the same time try to explain the year long pause in investment growth. At the moment I think I will name the blog “Normal service will be resumed”.