Gold is a risk asset favoured by the newly rich, it carries no yield, it costs a lot to store and its value has moved annually by 20-30% – in both directions!  In our current economic environment it is only the first fact that makes it desirable as an investment.

Gold was our worst performing asset in 2013, thankfully I never got over-enthusiastic with gold as a major investment option, so our losses were low when compared with our gains in shares.  But we can’t only hold shares without experiencing a fair number of sleepless nights. Continue reading “Gold”

Edinburgh Investment Trust

If you have browsed many other pages on my website you can see I am not the greatest fan of star fund managers. Trying to decide which ones will out-perform their benchmarks, and when, is profoundly difficult. I’m not going to go into the pros and cons once again suffice to say this picture says it all in my mind.

Therefore my latest fund purchase looks as though I have changed my position. On October 21st I bought The Edinburgh Investment Trust managed by the biggest star fund manager of them all – Neil Woodford. Another first for me was the fact that I made the decision to buy whilst onboard a ship. My iPad doesn’t care where the wifi comes from. My instructions can be relayed back to the office from anywhere in the world. Continue reading “Edinburgh Investment Trust”

January 2014 Investment Review

This blog looks a bit long, can you cut to the chase because I’m busy?

During 2013:

  • Cautious Portfolios grew by 7.65%
  • Moderate Portfolios grew by 11.90%
  • Aggressive Portfolios grew by 13.96%*

During 2012 & 2013 (2 years total)

  • Cautious Portfolios grew by 14.19%
  • Moderate Portfolios grew by 19.54%
  • Aggressive Portfolios grew by 24.31%*

Assuming they have been invested with us over the whole period; These are the actual returns our discretionary investors have received after our fees, platform charges, fund fees and dealing charges have been paid. They are not to be confused with performance figures given by fund managers who do not include all costs and do not account for custody, settlement and advice costs.

Continue reading “January 2014 Investment Review”