Team 353 completes London to Paris bike ride

We have just completed the London to Paris bike ride. Full details of the ride was in my earlier blog. But don’t be fooled by the smiles it was very tough.

For all those clients who have donated to the charity already, I would like to say a big thank you from all of the riders. I am happy to say nobody in the team died, crashed, fell -off or will suffer any long term damage. The event was entered into with far too much bravado from one or two individuals, believing that the British stiff upper lip would see them through any challenge. One rider had previously only ridden a maximum of 25 miles before he embarked on a journey over three days that covered over 300 miles! He remains very, very saddle sore indeed.

The discomfort and damage is not limited to the saddle area; hands and wrists have taken a hammering across the team. Tony’s hands are so numb and swollen that he has no feeling in his last two fingers on both hands. We had to cut up his dinner in Paris. We hope the feeling returns and he can go back to opening twist top bottles eventually.

Lucy did well and completed the course however it was not easy.

“I was expecting sunshine and sunflowers not pouring rain and head-on winds. I did not sign up for this”
“No I will not get in the van of shame”

The whole team completed every mile. Nobody sat in “the van of shame”. Nobody except me who drove one from London to Paris. I had a bit of a numb bum, but mustn’t grumble.

Now I have seen these riders suffer, and some continue to suffer, trying to raise money for brave individuals who suffer everyday and families who still grieve everyday. It’s a charity that is very close to my heart so please help by donating as much as you can even if it is only £3.53. Not for me, because I had it very easy (vans today have come a long way since I drove one last time), no for my friends and family who thankfully still remain friends with me.

Please make a donation here if you can. If not I may ask you to do it next year!