The Bolton Beer Festival

Next Wednesday is the start of the Bolton Beer Festival. It may not be nationally accepted as being part of the annual calendar like The Charity Shield or the The Grand National, but never the less for me it marks the passage of time just as well. I remember getting so drunk that I vowed never to attend again; it’s surprising how quickly a year passes. This year we have sponsored a barrel!

I’m sure you have noticed the nights are drawing in now and the Christmas cards are in the shops. For me the Beer Festival always marks the end of the long hot summer and the time for businesses to get back to work in earnest. For those of you reading in Bolton, the long hot summer was between the 25th September and 1st of October.

It’s also at about this time that the stock markets start to pick up. Growth in the markets is usually concentrated in the next 6 month period; and boy do we need it. October can be troublesome sometimes, but it is usually a good month if September has been bad.

So do I have any predictions? Well yes; I will be vowing never to drink again by the end of the beer festival and the UK stock-market will end December significantly higher than where it started today at only 4944 points. Can I be specific as to where it will end? Well yes, come and join me on Wednesday 12th at 7.00pm and by 9.00pm I’m sure I will be able to see the future.