The Retail Distribution Review

There is a revolution about to occur in financial services. Over 17,000 financial advisers have disappeared from the industry over the last two years and a further 20,000 are likely to join them over the next year. The number of financial advisers will have halved. The Financial Services Authority has master-minded these changes over the last six years and from 31st December 2012 new higher standards will be in place. For many it has proved impossible to up their game.

The FSA describe the changes on their website here. They have also produced a leaflet that details what you can expect.

It will hardly be a revolution though if you are our clients, it has instead been a constant evolution and you have been with us every step of the way. We have lived by and exceeded these new standards since 2005 when we changed our business to fee only. We are fiercely proud of our Independence and we have qualifications well beyond the new minimum standards. So it’s business as usual. Working to be the best firm of investment managers and financial planners in the North-West.