What are you looking for?

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If you are looking for independent financial advice, pension advice or inheritance tax advice it’s easy to get confused. What sort of financial adviser do you need? It seems there are a lot of job titles out there and many different qualifications.

  • Do you just need an Independent Financial Adviser or are you looking for something more?
  • Maybe you need a Pensions Adviser or a Long Term Care Adviser?
  • What’s the difference between a Financial Planner and a Wealth Manager?
  • Do you need just an Investment Adviser or a Discretionary Investment Manager?

All Financial Advisers had to be qualified by the start of 2013, so they must all now be the same, right? Wrong. There are still many differences. Let’s start off by looking at the different job titles.

The old insurance man who had bicycle clips and collected 50 pence a week has long since disappeared. Today you have your choice of professionals to help you select your best options and to help you to grow your life savings.

My evolution from financial salesman to Chartered Financial Planner with Discretionary Investment permissions is described here.

Financial Adviser -or- Financial Planner -or- Investment Manager