Financial Adviser

Financial Adviser

Do I need a Financial Adviser?

You may have started your search looking for a Financial Adviser. You have questions and you need advice. You may be looking for a specialist adviser who has expertise in a certain type of advice. Examples would be a Pensions Specialist or a Long Term Care Adviser. This page should either confirm you do need a Financial Adviser, or it will help you to realise you require a Financial Planner or Investment Manager or both.

What’s a Financial Adviser good at?
  • Perfect for one-off pieces of advice or to help you select a product such as a life insurance plan.
  • Perfect where a long-term planning relationship isn’t needed. Where a solution can be “fire and forget” like an annuity purchase.
What’s a Financial Adviser bad at?
  • If you have only paid him for selecting a product initially, don’t expect him to monitor that product on an ongoing basis. He will be busy finding other people who have a problem that needs solving in return for payment.
Is H.J.Scott & Co. a Financial Adviser?

Here at H.J.Scott & Co., we started 28 years ago as Financial Advisers. We have offered Financial Advice on a fee only basis since 2005. We understand that sometimes one-off decisions are all that is needed. We do offer financial advice but most clients use us as financial planners and investment managers.

Maybe I need a Financial Planner

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