Financial Planner

Financial Planner

Do I need a Financial Planner?

Financial Planning has nothing to do with products. It is all about financial organisation, understanding your goals and aspirations, minimising your tax and building long-term relationships.

Will Financial Planners make my money grow?

Many Financial Planners concentrate solely on financial planning.

  • They help you to decide your attitude to investment risk relative to a specific goal.
  • They then create a plan which dictates which asset types you should invest in.
  • Many then outsource the Investment Management of your life savings to a third party, such as a Discretionary Manager who is there to help make your money grow.
  • You pay a financial planner solely to create and monitor your financial plan.
What’s a Financial Planner good at?
  • Helping to keep your financial affairs organised.
  • Answering your queries and helping to guide you based on an in-depth knowledge of your personal circumstances.
  • Helping you to minimise all taxes in your lifetime.
  • Helping to ensure you never run out of money and achieve your specific financial goals.
  • Liaising with your other professional advisers.
What’s a Financial Planner bad at?
  • Many choose not to act as Financial Advisers. They won’t just offer a one-off piece of advice, as they prefer to concentrate on building long term client relationships instead.
  • Many choose not to get involved with the management of your savings, as they do not profess to understand markets and investments.
Is H.J.Scott & Co. a Financial Planner?

Here at H.J.Scott & Co., we started 28 years ago as Financial Advisers. We graduated to become true Financial Planners around the same time as we went fee only in 2005. We understand that long-term relationships are preferable to many clients and to ourselves. Possessing both the Chartered Financial Planner and the Certified Financial Planner qualifications, as Financial Planners go, they do not get much more qualified or experienced.

Maybe I need an Investment Manager

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