With Us


With us or without us

We can become much more than your financial adviser. We guide, we educate, we support, we partner. We can become your coach, helping you to discover the correct answers to all of your current and future financial questions.

Many of our clients are already within, or are looking forward to the third chapter of their lives. The chapter where work has finished and it’s now time for your life savings to earn their keep and support you.

Retirement today can last as long as your working life did. With the correct planning it can be the time of your life. Your time.

Big decisions need to be taken early on. Get those right and your future is bright. Your ongoing retirement planning will require nothing more than fine tuning. Get those big decisions wrong and you could run out of money before you run out of life. You could leave those behind you with problems too.

Lazy life savings from here on in are not an option, without growth, long term inflation will impoverish you.

With us

We have been advising clients in your position for many years. Our oldest clients are now into their 90’s. Over 35 years of experience has taught us what comes next.
We can;

  • Help you to decide how to maximise your pension income whether personal or company. From money purchase plans or from final salary schemes with safeguarded benefits.
  • Help you to decide what level of death benefits your loved ones will need.
  • Ensure you have a plan in place so you will never run out of money.
  • Help set your expectation of the rate you can safely spend your life savings on the nice things in life.
  • Minimise the tax you will pay in your lifetime.
  • Help you to utilise tax allowances you have never used before.
  • Grow your life savings in line with your requirements.
  • Provide a home for your savings that is safe, cost effective and proven to give a good return. A home that gives you access to valuations online 24/7.
  • Continuously monitor your investments and make all the day to day decisions and changes necessary.
  • Explain your state retirement benefits.
  • Create and manage any trust you may require.
  • Help to protect your life savings in the event long term care is required.
  • Minimise the tax your family will face after your lifetime.

In short we will help you with the big decisions and we will manage your life savings. We will help you to adapt when life or the markets throws you a right-hander. With us you can relax. You are in safe hands. We do all this for 1% of the amount we manage each year.

If you don’t feel we have contributed more to your wealth each year than the 1% we charge, then you are free to sack us. We won’t tie you in to a long term contract. So far around 200 clients feel we are worth it. We can probably deal with no more than 250 in total.

Additional Services

  • Help you ensure your will is accurate, relevant and efficient.
  • Help your executors with your probate.

Without us

Of course the vast majority of individuals embark on their third age journey without advice. When you go it alone;

  • You are still likely to need answers to all of the above problems and issues throughout your retirement.
  • Without a long-term financial planner relationship, no one will become accountable for any ad-hoc information they provide you which turns out to be flawed or biased.
  • However you will save 1% per year, but you could lose much more.

What next?

If you want to be with us let’s talk. We cover the cost of the first meeting where we can discover if we are right for each other. Simply fill in the contact form.