Engine out procedure

The last time I flew solo was in April 2015.  I had lost my appetite to fly to a different UK airfield just to eat a bacon sandwich, refuel and return.  On reflection the long term goal I held was to obtain my UK private pilots licence.  After I had that goal in the bag in April 2011, to keep my interest alive, I would have needed to progress up to being able to navigate above the clouds and to possibly learn to fly multi engined aircraft.  I didn’t have the funds to commence all of that training.

The reason I mention this is because of the lessons that learning to fly taught me.  Flying a single engined aircraft inherently carries the risk of losing power whilst in the air.  Much of demonstrating that you are a competent pilot revolves around risk assessment and the procedures you learn by heart just in case.

Loss of Power

Here’s the procedure for what to do if the propellor stops spinning. At a normal altitude of around 2500 ft you can stay aloft about 2 minutes only.  You need to know instinctively what to do.

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You’ve Been Framed

It’s many years since I completed a jigsaw, but recently I came across a partly completed puzzle of a Spitfire flying into the sunset.  It struck me that we vary hugely as individuals and yet we approach many problems in exactly the same way. 

Most people, maybe all people, start with the corner pieces of a jigsaw. Then all the edges are completed to create the overall size of the puzzle. Then the detail and finally the undifferentiated areas like the sky. Pretty standard stuff. 

We don’t just approach jigsaws in this way, but pretty much any problems or questions we have generally. 

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May Bank Holiday

What are bank holiday’s for these days? Why do we get two of them in May but none in June or July? I’m certainly not complaining, especially as the weather is all set to be excellent again. But since most banking is done on-line these days via smartphones, our business with our banks will continue whether the bank is on holiday or not.

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Things you maybe didn’t know about UK Shares – Part Two

It was as long ago as November 11th that I published Things you maybe didn’t know about UK Shares – Part One. So it’s high time I published Part Two. I said I would move on from the FTSE 100 to the FTSE 250. However I will help you to understand the whole FTSE market framework.

The FTSE All Share Index

The FTSE 100 Index is the top of the tree. It comprises the top 100 largest UK listed companies. Below it sits the next 250 largest UK listed companies – The FTSE 250. Unsurprisingly together they form the FTSE 350 Index. Finally we add the FTSE Small Cap Index to make up the FTSE All Share Index in total.

FTSE Index Component Number of Shares
FTSE 100 Index 101
FTSE 250 Index 250
FTSE Small Cap Index 286
FTSE All Share Index 637

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Bitcoin is the “Hoover” of Crypto-currencies. I remember being told to hoover up, even when we no longer owned a Hoover. “It’s a Moulinex Mum” was my standing reply. It made no difference. I doubt that those au-fait with Crypto-currencies would know what a Hoover is, they are too young. More likely their collective term for a vacuum cleaner is a Dyson. So let’s not beat ourselves up for referring to all crypto-currencies as Bitcoin. But they are not all the same. Bitcoin is just one of 1365 crypto-currencies. Continue reading “Bitcoin”