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new research reveals….

“New research reveals that those aching knees are a sign of worse to come”. A typical story in the middle pages of “The Daily Truth”. We then turn the page to reveal adverts for walk in baths, stairlifts and mobility scooters. What a coincidence.

“New research reveals that the UK is set for wetter summers, it’s all due to Global Warming”, is another headline. Turn the page to a further 4 full pages of sunny cruise adverts. News about bad summers typically run after a particularly wet spell when the paper knows it will have your attention. Even though inviting hundreds of thousands of Brits to jet around the world undoubtedly contributes to global warming, the paper isn’t concerned, it’s existence is funded by the holiday industry not the likes of Greenpeace..

“New research reveals the Artic ice cap is melting more quickly than thought”. Turn to adverts for green energy switchers, composters and electric vehicles. Even bad boy news media can look good, as long as there are advertisers to pay them.

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A quick game of opposites

I say black, you say?… Hopefully you said white.

I say big, you say?… Small is my guess. You remember the children’s game.




I’m sure you are getting this. Get ready.


What is the opposite to risk? If you said no-risk then no points I’m afraid.

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I have regularly spoken to individual clients in review meetings about how we decide what shares we buy, at what price we buy and at what price we sell. However I have never explained it to everyone in a blog. Having sold out of last week, we have just committed to buying back more of their shares. Describing our recent actions will show how we work.

Christmas bonus

If you work on something everyday, occasionally you get lucky. Fyffes, Worldpay, The London Stock Exchange and Dart to name just a few lucky results in recent years. Now we can add either to that lucky list, or we can take credit for an investment process that highlights value and helps us to make more good decisions than bad ones.

Collectively we have just safeguarded a swift £370,000 in extra shares. Normally that takes patience and time. The story has unfolded in just 1 week.

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Engine out procedure

The last time I flew solo was in April 2015.  I had lost my appetite to fly to a different UK airfield just to eat a bacon sandwich, refuel and return.  On reflection the long term goal I held was to obtain my UK private pilots licence.  After I had that goal in the bag in April 2011, to keep my interest alive, I would have needed to progress up to being able to navigate above the clouds and to possibly learn to fly multi engined aircraft.  I didn’t have the funds to commence all of that training.

The reason I mention this is because of the lessons that learning to fly taught me.  Flying a single engined aircraft inherently carries the risk of losing power whilst in the air.  Much of demonstrating that you are a competent pilot revolves around risk assessment and the procedures you learn by heart just in case.

Loss of Power

Here’s the procedure for what to do if the propellor stops spinning. At a normal altitude of around 2500 ft you can stay aloft about 2 minutes only.  You need to know instinctively what to do.

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You’ve Been Framed

It’s many years since I completed a jigsaw, but recently I came across a partly completed puzzle of a Spitfire flying into the sunset.  It struck me that we vary hugely as individuals and yet we approach many problems in exactly the same way. 

Most people, maybe all people, start with the corner pieces of a jigsaw. Then all the edges are completed to create the overall size of the puzzle. Then the detail and finally the undifferentiated areas like the sky. Pretty standard stuff. 

We don’t just approach jigsaws in this way, but pretty much any problems or questions we have generally. 

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