July 2021 Investment Review

I am a little late in bringing you my review of the second quarter of 2021.  It is because I decided to change the format somewhat and report the managed portfolio results on a fixed page, which will then be updated each quarter. As always the task took more time than I thought, but hopefully you will find the presentation more comprehensive.

I have shown the long term results for each portfolio that we manage. This gives you the chance to not only see how your portfolio has grown, but you can also see how each portfolio has performed that other clients are invested in. I have included the investment goal of each portfolio that we manage, so you can decide if you would like to invest in any additional portfolios along with your present portfolio.

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Precious Time

We all treat our time on this planet like it is infinite. We all know it isn’t – but we live in a suspended state of denial, virtually every day of our lives. Occasionally we come across something so real, that whilst it isn’t ground-breaking, the reality literally stops us in our tracks.

Freedom Day

As the Nanny State starts to withdraw from attempting to control our every move, hopefully from the 19th July, battle lines seem to be being drawn once again.

We live in an increasingly polarised society. “Remoaner” v “Little Englander” continues to roll on and on, now it will be joined with “Selfish, reckless, non-mask wearing, conspiracy theorists” who can live with Covid-19 v “Petrified, selfish, stay at home, I’m alright Jacks”, who believe Zero Covid is possible. I’m not going to try to sway anyone towards my way of thinking, because I haven’t the time, there really is no point as positions are more or less fixed and I could equally be as ill-informed as the next person anyway. However I do want to add some context to what you will be reading later in this blog.

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