As February Ends


As promised, albeit a little later than hoped, here’s a little commentary behind the recent rebalances of our main portfolios held on the Transact platform.


As investors, our world changed at the beginning of 2022 as the rate of inflation ran rampant and central banks endeavoured to control inflation with aggressive interest rate rises. Equity markets plummeted. It seems like the easy yards have now been gained with inflation in the UK back from 11% to 4% now. Getting the rate of inflation down from here and back to the 2% per annum target will be a stickier proposition. More importantly other nations, including the US now have inflation in the low 3’s, so the UK should fall back in line within the next month or two.

As interest rates rose a safe cash return seemed like a much less risky proposition than shares. However change is finally afoot.

Opportunities & Risks

The eyes of investors are focused on five main opportunities and risks

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