Our Performance

We offer a range of Managed Portfolios

The Financial Conduct Authority has granted us permission to manage client investments on a discretionary basis. You can read about our discretionary power here.

We offer a range of managed portfolios suitable for most individuals’ attitude to investment risk, from Balanced to Very Adventurous. We do also manage a limited amount of savings for cautious clients, however we do not accept any new investments into our Cautious Managed Portfolio.


Our Moderate and Adventurous managed portfolios each have two options.

  • Grow – For those investors looking to build up their savings, without any current need to take withdrawals.
  • Spend – For those investors who have ceased to add to their savings and now wish to take regular or one-off withdrawals.

Withdrawals can be taken from any of the managed portfolios we offer, at anytime, including our Cautious, AIM (Alternative Investment Market) and Go For Growth managed portfolios. Please give us 10 days notice to ensure any investments can be sold down to provide cleared cash ready to be transferred to your designated bank account.

Investment Performance so far.

We update our performance figures on a monthly basis.

Cautious Managed Portfolio

  • Cautious – Capital Preservation foremost with the aim to beat inflation over the medium term and on an ongoing basis. This Managed Portfolio is no longer available to new investors.
  • Moderate Managed Portfolio

  • Moderate – Short term capital fluctuation is accepted, with the aim of doubling savings over every decade. This Managed Portfolio suits the majority of our clients and currently accounts for around two-thirds of the capital we manage. It has become our default option.
  • Adventurous Managed Portfolio

  • Adventurous – Short term capital fluctuation is embraced, accepting that targeting higher growth requires taking higher risks. The aim of this Managed Portfolio is to achieve higher than average growth. The adventurous goal is to triple savings every 10 years.
  • AIM Managed Portfolio

  • AIM – Our specialist Alternative Investment Market Managed Portfolio has the aim of delivering a higher return over longer periods, with the added benefit of reducing a client’s future estate assessable for Inheritance Tax on death. This portfolio is suitable for those client’s with a higher than average attitude to investment risk or those who simply wish to try to mitigate a future 40% IHT bill.
  • Go For Growth Managed Portfolio

  • Go For Growth – As the name suggests, this Managed Portfolio attempts to achieve very high levels of growth over the very long term. It is suitable only for a small portion of a client’s overall savings, unless they are prepared to accept potential losses in value over multiple years in a row. A difficult choice to stick with when news is bad.