Our Team

The real people at H.J.Scott & Co.

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, so if you are considering becoming a future client you had better see what you are getting yourself in to. We will get to know you personally to be able to advise you, and you will get to know us and to trust us.

With the extensive use of in-house computer technology, together with partners that offer sophisticated financial platforms, we can keep the team small and very personal.

On the phone you will never be asked to dial 1 for this or 2 for that. Unlike large firms we promise you will never be dealt with by an overseas telephone call centre , an answerphone or voicemail. Just Howard, Lesley, Melissa and Charlotte.

We do prefer using email and we always strive to respond within 24 hours. At worst this should be no longer than 48 hours.


Director, Investment Adviser & Financial Planner

Bags of letters after his name which denotes his ability to advise with the best on all matters financial. You can quiz him on anything relating to tax, pensions, investments, ISAs etc. In fact if you have a question about any subject where you can put a £ sign in front of it, he is the man to ask. With almost 35 years experience of looking after hundreds of individual’s life savings. Cynical of Life Insurance Companies that skim profits for shareholders from policyholder funds in return for mediocre service.

A self-confessed techie and devotee of all things Apple. He can usually be found using or recharging his Apple Watch, air pods, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, iMac and Apple TV.  He’s got an app for everything.  Regular skier and runner.

Ex road cyclist, ex private pilot, ex football supporter trying very hard to keep off his Apple goodies so not to end up ex husband.


Director, Business Manager

Howard’s boss. Qualified nurse and ex-air cabin crew with British Airways. She was taught to ensure that jumbo jet 1st class passengers received the highest level of service. She ensures an ongoing culture of exemplary customer service within the business. The day to day administration that is needed to run a small business is handled by Lesley.

Lesley is a regular skier and runner.  Although married to Howard for donkeys years, she now shares a new man in her life with Charlotte.   If she could be anywhere it would involve a cruise ship of some type.


Director, Financial Adviser

A fully-qualified financial adviser, however Charlotte didn’t always dream of following in her father’s footsteps. Initially she went to Loughborough University, earning a 2:1 in History and International Relations and after graduating began her Law Conversion at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dreaming of becoming a solicitor whilst completing her Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice, she began to work part-time at our office. After her third graduation she joined us full-time after realising that she enjoyed working with our clients far more than practicing law.

Charlotte and Lesley can often be found on an evening and at weekends with Archie, their 5 year old warmblood who is their pride and joy.


Paraplanner, Client Services Manager

Holder of all of the exams necessary to be an adviser currently, she runs the engine room.  She understands that we look after your money. Her job is simple, she has to exceed your expectations. If you want something she will tap the keys or pick up the phone to ensure it happens. She can teach Google a thing or two when it comes to storing data and retrieving it quickly.

Melissa is an avid Sale Sharks fan and is currently the Ladies Captain at Great Lever and Farnworth Golf Club.