Another Tax Year

2018/2019 Tax Year

So as we draw to the end of this Tax Year, we start to plan for the next one. Last year we topped up our clients’ ISA accounts from their General accounts very early in the Tax Year. This year we intend to do the same where possible, so stand by to see share sales being made if you own both a General & ISA account.

If you usually top up your ISA from other savings, then we are ready when you are. Simply speak to Melissa and she will do the rest to make the top up as simple as possible. There is no time like the present as it will not have escaped many of you that our investments are currently worth a little less than when they hit their recent peaks in February. Continue reading “Another Tax Year”

Live like a Billionaire

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how the Apple iPhone was 10 years old and how all our lives have changed over that period. A couple of days ago the latest versions were launched. Now Apple as a company is currently worth over $800 billion, analysts predict the new products will take the valuation above $1 trillion. This year we have made around 40% on our Apple shares.

It got me thinking….
QUESTION: What do we have in common with individuals who are worth billions?

We would think we have very little that we share. But think again. If our definition of a Billionaire is of someone who can own the absolute best of everything, well we probably own some of the exact same things. Here’s what would be on my list. Continue reading “Live like a Billionaire”

The iPhone is 10 years old.


I love Marmite. Maybe that’s why I have chosen Unilever as one of the shares we own. Maybe; but I think the real reason is Unilever’s product range is aimed squarely at females. Over 80% of their product range is bought by women. On the whole us men buy very little, women make 93% of all buying decisions in couples.

But we guys do buy gadgets.

WARNING! If you are not a fan of Apple, or even a little curious about them, then you are now excused. Free to go about your daily business once again.

The iPhone

I love the iPhone. Maybe that’s why we all own Apple shares within our Legal & General Global Technology index Fund. Maybe; but I think the real reason is Apple’s product range is aimed squarely at every man, woman and child on Earth. Continue reading “The iPhone is 10 years old.”


Our new team member

If you have had a review meeting at the office recently you will have already met Charlie.

Her qualifications

A year ago she graduated from Loughborough University in History and International Relations, followed just recently by the completion of a 12 month Graduate Diploma in Law. Both her International Relations degree and her Law degree contained huge sections on the European Union, both of which are particularly relevant to the U.K.’s current economic position. Continue reading “Charlie”


A degree in colouring in

At school my favourite subject was Geography. I loved pouring over maps. A good atlas would keep me happy for hours. Fast forward and after a somewhat circuitous route, I read Geography at Salford University. Actually I majored in Geography, minored in Statistics, and left university with a very rare “Third class Bachelors Degree”. With Honours!

Back then I couldn’t see the point of jumping 4 feet high over a two foot fence. Besides, I had spent most of the final two years of university on very much a part time basis, as I was already working pretty much full time.

So another General Election has been and gone and it made me realise we each see the same world in a different way. Continue reading “Maps”