It takes 3 to tango

Nucleus has been taken over by James Hay

Some of you have been following the run of events since it was announced in December that Sanlam had effectively put Nucleus up for sale. Several bidders came forward and in the final reckoning, a competitor platform has sealed the deal. Changes will undoubtedly follow, but for now we are sure it will be business as usual.

The news has even prompted a client to ask if we will be made redundant, which is a worry if he thinks we work for Nucleus! Nucleus works for us!

Fiercely Independent

If you cut our business in half, running through it like the letters in Blackpool Rock, it would read “Fiercely Independent since 1997”. Nobody owns us and nobody ever will. My central belief is you cannot offer independent advice to clients unless you are totally free to do so.

A la carte

Now’s a good time to reiterate how we function and describe all of the moving parts. It won’t take me long, there are only 3 parts. Let me use an analogy, (nobody saw that coming!) I’m the chef – again anybody who knows me well understands that I am in reality as far away from a chef as is humanly possible – but let’s stick with it.

  • Chef – Yours truly.
  • Diner – played astonishingly well by you.
  • Supermarket – played currently by Nucleus. Also A.J.Bell for specific property related investments.
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Get in Touch

Sometimes the words just don’t come easy.  It’s hard to discuss subjects where opinions are dramatically split. At the best of times keeping up writing the blog is only possible after I have satisfied all client enquiries, all regulatory obligations and the continual studying of the day to day gyrations of global stock markets. Apologies to my fellow Catholics (I’m not practising) within our business congregation, but;

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It’s been almost 2 months since my last confession”

Dave Allen

Too much

Let me explain.  It’s not that there has been too little to write about, it’s possibly because there has been too much to consider, to then condense and then pass on within blogs.  The media has said everything there is to say, over and over again. I could see little merit it just giving you my additional slant on Biden, Vaccines and Brexit.  We have all been bombarded with endless news, facts and charts.  Like many of you I have been suffering from information overload.  The flow has been relentless, every waking hour something is added that warrants our consideration.

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Covid – 19 Precautions

In line with government recommendations we have elected to commence working away from the office from today.  I’m sure many of you will be doing the same. Please contact us on the usual email addresses, [first name] directly in the first instance if possible, rather than via the telephone until further notice. If you prefer to discuss things over the phone, just ask in your email and we will call you back.

business as usual plan

Our business has been fully cloud based since 2011. It has allowed me personally to work everyday, irrespective of whether I was in the office or not. I do not see any changes being required to comply with any future home lock-down which could arise. The only real difference will be that the team will be conversing via FaceTime rather than face to face. Our operation can function via either broadband or the mobile telephone network.

We will be calling into the office once a day to pick up any post.

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