Jason and The Argonauts

Happy New Year!

I almost never watch the television, but on Christmas Eve I watched the original film of Jason and the Argonauts from 1963. As a child the special effects were convincing and frightening. It was certainly not a classic and the ending was a total letdown, but nevertheless I enjoyed it.

The film ended as Jason set off for home, complete with the Golden Fleece, with Zeus proclaiming he would let him live for now as he had more plans for Jason. Unfortunately for Jason, by the time the film was released the world had changed. There was never the sequel because Yuri Gagarin had been launched into space by the Russians and the US were in shock. America became focussed on the quest to reach the moon and so gladiator films and greek mythology was replaced with a robot called Robbie and Captain James T. Kirk.

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A quick game of opposites

I say black, you say?… Hopefully you said white.

I say big, you say?… Small is my guess. You remember the children’s game.




I’m sure you are getting this. Get ready.


What is the opposite to risk? If you said no-risk then no points I’m afraid.

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Five Year Plan

The winds of change

Just occasionally, things suddenly look better than they did before. And it shows. If you have logged into Nucleus recently, (and once again I urge all of those who don’t log in to start right now) you will have seen that valuations are suddenly climbing. This isn’t pushing them to over-valued territory, it’s simply a catch up.

In a short week the Yanks have agreed to talk turkey (festive pun) with the Chinese and the UK General Election delivered a resounding blow to those who threatened to replace Capitalism with something akin to Marxism. Now I’m not going to get political, but it became clear that anyone who had built up any life savings at all would have been on John & Jeremy’s hit list.

These events, along with resolved bank liquidity issues in the US have given global stock markets a welcome upward tailwind. In the US, recession has been averted it seems, so its full steam ahead once again. And boy do UK shares look cheap in the eyes of US investors.

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