A quick game of opposites

I say black, you say?… Hopefully you said white.

I say big, you say?… Small is my guess. You remember the children’s game.




I’m sure you are getting this. Get ready.


What is the opposite to risk? If you said no-risk then no points I’m afraid.

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Five Year Plan

The winds of change

Just occasionally, things suddenly look better than they did before. And it shows. If you have logged into Nucleus recently, (and once again I urge all of those who don’t log in to start right now) you will have seen that valuations are suddenly climbing. This isn’t pushing them to over-valued territory, it’s simply a catch up.

In a short week the Yanks have agreed to talk turkey (festive pun) with the Chinese and the UK General Election delivered a resounding blow to those who threatened to replace Capitalism with something akin to Marxism. Now I’m not going to get political, but it became clear that anyone who had built up any life savings at all would have been on John & Jeremy’s hit list.

These events, along with resolved bank liquidity issues in the US have given global stock markets a welcome upward tailwind. In the US, recession has been averted it seems, so its full steam ahead once again. And boy do UK shares look cheap in the eyes of US investors.

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What is a will?

My first blog post

When dad asked me to write this blog, I must admit that it made me extremely nervous. I started to ask myself:
‘Will anyone read it?’,
‘Why would anyone care what I have to say?’ and
‘What can I even write about?’.

I have only been here full time for a few weeks since the end of my exams. Over the past few months I’ve met a small number of clients whilst helping to draft their wills and LPAs (Lasting Powers of Attorney), but I haven’t started to get involved with the ‘financial side’ of things. This makes writing a blog hard when the ‘financial side’ is pretty much the whole of what H J Scott & Co is.

So I have decided to write this blog on a subject of which I do have knowledge…wills; and in true Scott style I will describing them in an odd way, relating them to something completely random but it will all make sense in the end (hopefully). So here goes… a will is like a recipe from a cookbook. Continue reading “What is a will?”