Service Update

A Platforms role

A platform is our outsourced administrative arm. It allows us to;

  • Send you income and withdrawals.
  • Allow you to invest into a tax wrapper (product) such as a pension or an ISA .
  • Allows you to get a valuation 24/7 and to monitor all transactions that take place.
  • Hold all your cash and other assets such as shares securely.
  • Make and settle any trades which we decide to make on your behalf.
  • Report to financial regulators and HMRC as necessary.

This is not an exhaustive list, but I’m sure you get the picture. Admin, admin and more admin. It leaves us free to do what we do best; offer regulated financial planning and advice and manage your life savings through both the good times and the bad.

Additional Platform Added

Since we commenced using platforms in 2003 we have used just 3.

  • SIPPcentre which became Investcentre.
  • Selestia which became Skandia which became Old Mutual.
  • Nucleus which in around 12 months time will probably become James Hay.

This week we added a fourth. Welcome to Transact. Here follows the blog I never thought I would write.

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January 2021 Investment Review

2020 ended up being the most difficult investment period I can remember in my 33 year career. I could be wrong, as you do tend to remember only the good times and conveniently forget the bad. Both 2011/12 and 2018/19 were years where we lost some of our profits, so the difficult conditions encountered last year were eased by the fact “this wasn’t our first rodeo”.

That said 3 of our portfolios actually ended the year in profit whilst the other two ended broadly level. It seemed like a huge amount of work for very little return.

The scores on the doors.

Portfolio1 Year %Max Drop in March %
Go For Growth20.86%55.31%
FTSE 100-14.34%*33.99%
FTSE 250-6.38%*41.37%
Interestingly trying to be safe by holding a much higher percentage of a portfolio in cash, still resulted in our Cautious Portfolio falling almost as far as our Aggressive Portfolio. This is due to the mandated higher percentage holding in “lower risk” property shares and the inability to hold smaller shares higher up the risk scale. We manage very little for Cautious clients and have not taken onboard any new clients we have classified as Cautious for 7 years now. * Some dividends were also still paid on top in 2020, but these were very limited.
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Get in Touch

Sometimes the words just don’t come easy.  It’s hard to discuss subjects where opinions are dramatically split. At the best of times keeping up writing the blog is only possible after I have satisfied all client enquiries, all regulatory obligations and the continual studying of the day to day gyrations of global stock markets. Apologies to my fellow Catholics (I’m not practising) within our business congregation, but;

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It’s been almost 2 months since my last confession”

Dave Allen

Too much

Let me explain.  It’s not that there has been too little to write about, it’s possibly because there has been too much to consider, to then condense and then pass on within blogs.  The media has said everything there is to say, over and over again. I could see little merit it just giving you my additional slant on Biden, Vaccines and Brexit.  We have all been bombarded with endless news, facts and charts.  Like many of you I have been suffering from information overload.  The flow has been relentless, every waking hour something is added that warrants our consideration.

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