Get up those stairs!

I wasn’t a terrible child, but I do recall my mother, when pushed to the limit, would always shout “Get up those stairs”. It meant that I was really in trouble and was certainly in for it when my father got home. Currently I’m not afraid of the phrase, during our FaceTime meetings we say it in encouragement when Lucas and I study the charts of the major indices. The stairs are our comfort blanket, but they are hopefully our early warning system.

Up the escalator but down the elevator

Very American I know. We would say up the stairs but down in the lift. That’s how the markets were explained to me. Stock-markets shouldn’t rise like a lift. If they do, the likelihood is that the rapid climb precedes a spectacular plummet. Rises should be gradual, building support at each stage of the way. They should climb the “wall of worry”. When everybody is afraid, it usually means there is no chance a bubble is forming.

BC (Before Corona) things were looking good. They weren’t climbing like a jet fighter, they were looking steady. Solid. But then panic struck. AD (After the drop) we had fits and starts to begin with, but at the moment the gradual upward progression is quite reassuring.

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News Media

new research reveals….

“New research reveals that those aching knees are a sign of worse to come”. A typical story in the middle pages of “The Daily Truth”. We then turn the page to reveal adverts for walk in baths, stairlifts and mobility scooters. What a coincidence.

“New research reveals that the UK is set for wetter summers, it’s all due to Global Warming”, is another headline. Turn the page to a further 4 full pages of sunny cruise adverts. News about bad summers typically run after a particularly wet spell when the paper knows it will have your attention. Even though inviting hundreds of thousands of Brits to jet around the world undoubtedly contributes to global warming, the paper isn’t concerned, it’s existence is funded by the holiday industry not the likes of Greenpeace..

“New research reveals the Artic ice cap is melting more quickly than thought”. Turn to adverts for green energy switchers, composters and electric vehicles. Even bad boy news media can look good, as long as there are advertisers to pay them.

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New Members, Non-Members, Ex-Members

Clubs eh! When you find a club you like, you do everything you can to join it. You want to be seen as part of that team, that club, that collection of like minded people. People just like us. It’s a continuation of our primal defence mechanism. It’s why the great apes form troops. Team up with others, because together have a better chance of survival.

But once you become a member of a club or group, you then want to keep the outsiders out. You have become different from the others now. Distinct, somehow superior, because you have been accepted and the outsiders haven’t. Take it one stage further and a collection of like minded individuals can move on. We get protectionism, racism, sexism and the like.

You will be glad to hear that this isn’t a blog about toppling statues. It’s not even a blog about the trading block that is the EU. Although it did start off as a group of like-minded countries that banded together for protection, but then became a organised protection racket and has now moved on to trying to punish non-members, even if they get hurt themselves. No, I’m not ranting on about the EU, but there are parallels to be drawn.

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A quick game of opposites

I say black, you say?… Hopefully you said white.

I say big, you say?… Small is my guess. You remember the children’s game.




I’m sure you are getting this. Get ready.


What is the opposite to risk? If you said no-risk then no points I’m afraid.

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Chimps and Swans

I’ve read many books over the years, almost all of them have been non-fiction. At times like these, all of those bits of knowledge gleamed from all of those books, hopefully do add up to something of value. Take Dr. Steve’s book for instance.

the chimp paradox – dr. steve peters

I now understand that my head is indeed inhabited by two brains. What comes next depends upon which brain is in control. The chimp brain is more primitive, impulsive, faster and stronger and so leaps to conclusions and can get us into trouble but is essential for our continued survival. Then there is our human brain which is slower, more considered, more considerate and calculating. It looks before it leaps. Often by the time it is ready to take action the chimp has already been in there and potentially broken everything. Dr. Steve has helped countless sportsmen and teams achieve their best by controlling their inner chimp. I couldn’t recommend the book enough. Then there is “The Black Swan”

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