Existential Threats

Everyday we face multiple threats to our continued existence. Everyday, almost every person on the planet lives to face those same personal existential threats again tomorrow. And the day after, and the day after, until one day we don’t get to face them any longer. One of those existential threats came for us, like the Grim Reaper.

Personal Threats

From the everyday threats like walking under a bus or suffering a myocardial infarction to the less obvious but still potentially life threatening like being hit by falling space debris or dropping down a manhole without its cover, it’s a wonder so many of us make it through each day. Other individuals carry additional threats like living with cancer, working underground or on an oil rig. The threat list is endless but we tend to take precautions where we can and put the rest out of our minds so we can just get on with life. We get busy living.

Mass Threats

Mass events grab all of the daily headlines and reverberate in real time around social media. Mass shootings, terrorist atrocities, air crashes, tsunami, radio-active melt downs – they happen everyday or are seconds away every day. But so far we haven’t suffered from any of them although we still worry.

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What’s Going On?

End of Covid?

I had often wondered what would eventually knock the mainstream media’s endless coverage of the Covid pandemic off the front pages and hourly news bulletins. Never for a moment did I suspect the new story would centre around possible thermo-nuclear annihilation.

There’s a lot I want to say so please excuse the excessive use of bullet points.


Ever since March 2014, Putin had obviously planned his recent expansionary moves. He has bided his time until he felt his chances of success were at their highest. An attempt at annexation at some point was expected by many, but if you had continued to cry wolf for the last 8 years, by now nobody would be listening. Expected perhaps, but expected when exactly?

Long term investment must continue, because if we had spent the last 8 years on the sidelines we would have missed a huge amount of growth. Our moderate portfolio has added 79% over the period before the commencement of 2022, despite previous global investment worries. Since then values have fallen. For some this chain of events has been a stiff test of their resolve, more so than when Covid 19 took values about 1/3rd lower.

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