A December to Remember

As we focus on the issues that have still to be resolved by the end of this year, it’s easy to forget what has already happened so far. It has been a stand-out year for all the wrong reasons. Currently we are focussed on;

  • Tiers for Fears. Even the mighty metropolis of “that there London” is now experiencing the kind of lock-in that most of us have been forced to live with for the majority of the year. How long will lock-down London last and what effect will it have on some of the recovery shares we own? Covid numbers are rising in some places and falling in others, perhaps due to the type of test and the number of tests performed? Funnily enough that has been going on all year up and down the country, but it’s now seen as more important as London and its media centre can no longer go “down the pub”. East-Enders will be without an “Old Vic” Christmas Day family punch up, as the punters are not allowed out. With Scotch egg or no Scotch egg.
  • Remember Donald Trump? There’s still some fight left in him but he shouldn’t be US President for much longer. More importantly now are a couple of run-off contests which will decide the potency of the future Democratic President Biden.
  • And Brexit. Yawn. There will be a deal, right at the last minute, it won’t be the one anyone wants, but the globe won’t stop turning at midnight along the Greenwich Meridian. Hopefully the French won’t throw their veto into the hat, but I wouldn’t put it past Emperor Macron following the example set by General De Gaulle.
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Get in Touch

Sometimes the words just don’t come easy.  It’s hard to discuss subjects where opinions are dramatically split. At the best of times keeping up writing the blog is only possible after I have satisfied all client enquiries, all regulatory obligations and the continual studying of the day to day gyrations of global stock markets. Apologies to my fellow Catholics (I’m not practising) within our business congregation, but;

“Bless me father for I have sinned. It’s been almost 2 months since my last confession”

Dave Allen

Too much

Let me explain.  It’s not that there has been too little to write about, it’s possibly because there has been too much to consider, to then condense and then pass on within blogs.  The media has said everything there is to say, over and over again. I could see little merit it just giving you my additional slant on Biden, Vaccines and Brexit.  We have all been bombarded with endless news, facts and charts.  Like many of you I have been suffering from information overload.  The flow has been relentless, every waking hour something is added that warrants our consideration.

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Testing Times

These are testing times. I’ve talked before about my feelings of anger in What Next! and Charlie countered that emotion with her blog entitled Finding Joy. Thankfully this blog isn’t going to be about coronavirus testing at all, even though Bolton seems to have become notorious as a party town, inhabited by gangs of soap dodgers.

No the testing I’m referring to is the daily test we are being subjected to as investors. Everyday, another UK company makes thousands of individuals redundant and declares as upbeat an earnings call as they can. We have seen a gradual fall in the value of our savings over the last few months as it has become clear that the recovery has been kicked down the road somewhat. This year may even turn into a reprieve from death row for countless turkeys.

The Behaviour Gap

The graphic above is what I look to when I get sidetracked. It’s OK to worry and speculate over what could happen but there’s no point really. We need to focus on those things that matter which also lie within our control. It was given to me by Carl Richards when I attended one of his workshops. His financial graphics are powerful stuff.

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