Nucleus Go

After a decade or so, the screen you see when you log in to your accounts on Nucleus are about to change. I have been involved in the way the new screens look and operate, so if there is anything that you don’t like please tell me and I will feed that back to the developers at Nucleus.

More details can be found here. Nucleus Go.

A picture tells a thousand words

I’m hoping that your own personal position springs to life once you can see the last 12 months progress in chart form. Better still you can see your progress over longer periods of time by selecting all dates. Feel free to play around and get used to the new way of looking at things. For now it will be accessed from a different address,, however within a month or so your regular login address will take you there directly and the old client screens will be removed.

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Another Tax Year

2018/2019 Tax Year

So as we draw to the end of this Tax Year, we start to plan for the next one. Last year we topped up our clients’ ISA accounts from their General accounts very early in the Tax Year. This year we intend to do the same where possible, so stand by to see share sales being made if you own both a General & ISA account.

If you usually top up your ISA from other savings, then we are ready when you are. Simply speak to Melissa and she will do the rest to make the top up as simple as possible. There is no time like the present as it will not have escaped many of you that our investments are currently worth a little less than when they hit their recent peaks in February. Continue reading “Another Tax Year”