Financial Advice in Bolton

Pensions ISAs & Investments were dominated by the Insurance Companies

Why we do what we do

After many years of helping individuals with financial advice, we had clients who were very happy with our planning and service, but they were less than happy with the investment returns they were receiving. We set out to change this.

The root of the problem

For many years the banks and insurance companies had made fortunes because they had all of the power and all of the knowledge. They appeared to make more profit for themselves than we did from our own pensions, investments and savings.

The banks and the insurance companies were the gatekeepers to the markets. Contributions into pensions, investments and savings was only through their contracts.

  • Contracts that were deliberately complex and opaque.
  • Contracts that concealed a multitude of very high charges
  • Contracts with huge early surrender penalties.
  • Contracts which dictated where we were allowed invest.

In return for their high charges they offered poor service through call centres and weak investment returns. There was mass dissatisfaction amongst both customers and the financial regulators. We shared this dissatisfaction and so gradually our new business proposition emerged.

Our Investment Solution

We wanted to align our interests with the interests of our clients. Only if clients won could we win. If we joined forces we could cut out the banks and insurance companies completely.

By 2005 the perfect storm was forming, which was about to blow away the Goliath companies.

  • Personal Computers had become affordable for the masses.
  • The Pandora’s box of investment secrets was opened via the internet.
  • Widespread use of email was transforming communications.
  • The Banks and Insurance companies were sinking under scandals, whopping regulatory fines and outdated legacy computer systems.
  • Consecutive stock market crashes, a commercial property collapse and cash returns less than the rate of inflation had become the norm.

Individuals were seeking full-time, on-going financial advice and management of their life-savings. Just buy and hold for 20 years+ was a lie. It was dead and gone forever.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. – Albert Einstein

We wanted to educate and inform. To give individuals the knowledge and experience needed to achieve a fair return for the investment risk they were prepared to take. We knew that by investing directly and controlling costs, individuals would realise a better return. There were large savings to be made by cutting out all of the middlemen.

Almost 20 years of providing sound financial advice to our clients had built a collective scale. By 2005, together we were able to invest millions. As individual investors we had been divided and conquered. But no longer. Direct mass-investment meant much lower costs. From the early days of promising better outcomes to only 34 initial clients, we have steadily grown. Now we are 200 like-minded individuals, with assets approaching £100 million. Together we have become a powerful force.

We now all benefit from:

  • Transparent, value for money pensions, savings and investments.
  • Competitive investment management fees.
  • Up to date investment valuations 24/7.
  • Immediate access to withdrawals.
  • Unfettered access to any investment opportunity.

What’s next?

We are proud of what we have done so far to transfer the balance of power to our clients. We continue to seek out the opportunities brought about by our collective scale and strength. We continue to learn, to educate and to innovate. We keep moving forward.

Are your pensions, savings and investments performing poorly?
Read on if you feel the way we do and you would also like to be part of something big yet very personal.