All together now

Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble & Grubb.

There they were, all accounted for, all drilled and ready for action. Like a well oiled machine. Every single time. Precision. Every one playing their part and doing what they were trained to do. I don’t remember them ever fighting fires though, the firemen of Trumption were usually called out to retrieve a cat from up a tree.

I couldn’t help but think of Trumpton this week for obvious reasons. Thankfully you all know better too than to allow the world’s media machine to wind you up. Not one single email or phone call asking what I was going to do next. Thank you.

Because if you would have asked me I would have probably said, “I have absolutely no idea”. Instead of thinking – Don’t just sit there Howard, do something; I’m more inclined to think – Don’t do something Howard, just sit there.

You see the time for action was over by the time the result became clear. I wasn’t waiting for a good result or a bad result. Who knows what that looks like anyway? (Interestingly the result has caused our currency to strengthen, reducing the share price of those UK listed companies which earn a lot abroad, especially with earnings from the developing countries). No, I was ready for the volatility and like the Brexit volatility I used it to our advantage.

All together now

Thank you for your patience whilst I assembled the final shareholdings across our portfolios. For some still on SIPPcentre, 50 emails a day into their inbox was frustrating. But like the Trumpton Fire Service roll-call, all the team are now present, ready and ready for action. I’m happy to say we bought on the 4th November which hopefully will prove to be a low point for many of the shares I wanted to buy.

Our Plans

Anyway this week this is a planning blog not an investing blog. I wanted to say that like the Trumpton Fire Service, we need to stick to our well rehearsed plans, especially when there is a perceived crisis. We need to keep thinking long-term, keep enjoying our lives, keep taking our holidays & keep helping our children.

If anyone can tell me how a change in the US President is going to actually change their plans then I am all ears. Let’s not forget he has now realised his personal goal. His huge ego has been rewarded. The real job of governing the US going forward will be little changed I guess.

The townsfolk of Trumpton listen to the BBC News


2 Replies to “Trumpton”

  1. Ironically, for a campaign criticised as mere “smoke & mirrors”, the reason the Trumpton Fire Brigade never actually attended a fire was because it wasn’t possible to animate fire, water & smoke!

  2. Can we see where Pr elect Mr Trump has his investments and keep an eye on his portfolio? I have yet to meet a politician who truly distances themselves mentally from their portfolio when in office, however disinterested they claim to be.
    Or am I being a bit cynical?

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