Another Tax Year

2018/2019 Tax Year

So as we draw to the end of this Tax Year, we start to plan for the next one. Last year we topped up our clients’ ISA accounts from their General accounts very early in the Tax Year. This year we intend to do the same where possible, so stand by to see share sales being made if you own both a General & ISA account.

If you usually top up your ISA from other savings, then we are ready when you are. Simply speak to Melissa and she will do the rest to make the top up as simple as possible. There is no time like the present as it will not have escaped many of you that our investments are currently worth a little less than when they hit their recent peaks in February.


That leads me directly to where we find ourselves currently. Many of you have heard me talk about froth over the years. I think I first used the term in a blog around 5 years ago. (Sometimes it’s good to see what I said in the past). The short term peaks that our savings regularly hit can evaporate as swiftly as they arrive. I will discuss the investment outlook in more detail when I deliver the Quarterly Investment Update in early April. Suffice to say, I usually see short-term weakness as a long-term buying opportunity. If you are looking to invest further into ISAs or Pensions, now gives us the opportunity to buy in at last years prices.

Double Fellow

If you hang around long enough I guess your longevity is noticed. I’m now in the 32nd year of my career. Back in 2014 I became a fellow.

Now I’ve done it again. There are two professional bodies in the U.K. for the financial planning and investment management profession. I’m one of the very few who is a fellow of both. Expect to see a further certificate on our meeting room wall.

Maybe I will travel to London to accept this in person. If I do, I will post a picture of myself in a cape and floppy cap. I can’t look worse than I looked in 1984 when I picked up my BSc(Hons). Back then I was more interested in becoming a guitarist than in getting a job as you can see from my hair.

Happy Easter

Chartered Fellow of The Personal Financial Society
Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment