Same MacBook, different desk

Isn’t technology brilliant!

I remember my first Toshiba laptop. It cost £1700 and weighed about 1700 pounds. In 1988 £1700 was an awful lot of money. It operated in MS-DOS and you had to be a computer geek to make it work. I ditched my paper diary, instead using a program on my laptop called Sidekick. I have never used a paper diary since. When Windows 95 arrived and brought email I couldn’t believe it, it was the stuff of science fiction.

My first mobile phone was a Panasonic (the size of a house brick), my first smart phone was a Sony Ericsson, operating Windows mobile with a stylus. I could now read my emails and view my diary on my phone!

The game-changer for me was when Apple brought out the iPhone. It was so easy to use. I wanted more. Within 1 year I had migrated to an Apple MacBook and within two years I took the whole business across to the Apple way of doing things and threw out the Microsoft server. We had been scanning all documents for 10 years already. Now I could access every document everywhere on iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

Today with 4G or wifi I can never really be away from work, but I can be away from the office. Some say I have turned my business into a life-sentence with the use of technology, but I disagree. I will never stop keeping an eye on my own investments, so at the same time I can be watching over my clients life-savings too, wherever I am in the world. This is my chosen life-style.

The US market closed at an all-time high on Friday. I have enjoyed the weekend off but today the markets are open again and I will be watching.



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